Photo/Slide Transfers


Transfer your slides, photos, or digital images to a DVD slide show or JPEG CD today!

Photo/Slide Transfer

Slides to DVD $.50/each
Photos to DVD 4x6    $.50/each    |    larger than 4x6   $.75/each
Digital Photos to DVD $.35/each
A slide show DVD is provided with the above price; if you would like a JPEG CD it is an additional $5.00 fee.


Planning Your Slide Show

1) Number your pictures in the order you would like them to show, if any.

2) Choose the length of time you want your pictures to display on the screen (5 seconds is the normal time).




Adding Music to your Slideshow $10.00


Adding music to your slideshow is also an option. You can provide your own music to add or we can add our own royalty free music (similar to elevator music).





Transfers Available from:

  • Video Camera Hard Drive

  • SD Card

  • Floppy Disk

  • Smart Phone

  • Hard Drive

  • Thumb Drive

  • Flash Memory Card

Please call for pricing on transfers.