Film Transfers


Transfer your 8mm/Super 8/16mm film to DVD to preserve your family memories!

Film Transfers

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8mm/Super 8 Film .15/ft
16mm Film .20/ft
Adding Music $10.00 flat fee
Additional DVD Copies $5.00


Video to digital file format (MP4/AVI) $12.00
(2 hour maximum per file, transfered to portable hard/thumb drive.)


**There is a $25.00 minimum on all film

Once you have gathered your film, please number your reels in the order you wish to have them transfered (if there in no order just let us know).


Adding Music to your DVD $10.00

Adding music to our film DVD is also an option. You can provide your own music to add to the DVD or we can add our own royalty free music (similar to elevator music) to your DVD.

Includes music for the whole DVD. If you wish to provide your own muic please be sure to ask how much music you will need to provide to cover the whole DVD or if you would like to loop your provided songs.


Film Editing Options

Don't know what order your film is in or what is on it? No problem!

We can add a counter to the bottom of your video which gives you the option to go home, view it, and tell us what order you would like it in (or what section you wish to delete).

Adding Counter  FREE
Every Move/Deletion $1.00 each (minimum charge of $25.00)



Your film will most likely be removed from the original reels, cleaned and spliced onto reels that fit our equipment. You will get back your original reels (empty) and your film on our provided reels with box.


Transfers Available from:

  • Video Camera Hard Drive

  • SD Card

  • Floppy Disk

  • Smart Phone

  • Hard Drive

  • Thumb Drive

  • Flash Memory Card

Please call for pricing on transfers.