Truth on Tape FAQ

Do I get my video cassette(s) /film back?

Yes. You will get all of your original film and video cassettes back. We do not erase anything or keep anything.


Do you erase my videos once they are transferred?

No. You will get back your originals back in the exact manor that you dropped them off in.


How can I label my DVDs?

We can either print titles directly onto your DVD for $2.00 per title or you can use a fine tip Sharpie to label them on the white side of the DVD.


Can you transfer audio off of my 8mm/Super 8/16mm film?

No. We have no way to transfer any audio off of film.


Can you do anything if my video tape is damaged or if the tape is broken?

We are able to fix most problems when it comes to broken video cassettes. Without seeing the tape we can not confirm that it is fixable, but in most cases we are able to repair. Since the video has been damaged the video quality might decrease in some cases in the repaired section.